No Meat Athlete !!

When I had first come to the United States for a short visit in 2005, I more or less had to survive on salads, as I am a vegetarian.

Not anymore. Am happy to say that I can find at least one good vegetarian entree in every restaurant (even in all the disney parks), and in most cases they are willing to do variations with a dish – to make it no meat, but with the same garnishing or recipe as a meat dish. I like that !!

I can now even get veg sushi in most places !

My favourites for vegetarian food in USA are – Thai, Italian, Indian (of course), Japanese (hibachi), Greek, Moroccan and Mexican.

The Chinese takeaways, and even restaurants have been a let down so far. They somehow believe that vegetarian = bland , tasteless. I cannot fathom why for the life of them they cannot use the same sauce they use for chicken / shrimps – for just plain vegetables ??

I keep getting vegetarian recipes from and one fascinating link I came across – was about an athlete, who has gone vegan ! while I am yet to tread the vegan path – i need my cheese šŸ™‚ but thought i would share the link with you..


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