The genie – of words

When I was with my beloved Master, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, this summer, doing the hollow and empty meditations in the Art of Living Part II program in the Bangalore Ashram, I put in a little wish silently – let my creativity blossom… Little did I know how that will manifest in the days to come.. and with what intensity… so much so that every object, every thought, every person and every emotion, every experience and even non-experience – just plain and simple void – will trigger an avalanche of words and images in me..

I want to write about things which I have never written before… for the simple reason that they never occurred to me! But now images in words and words about images are bombarding me effortlessly and incessantly, somewhat like the lazy waves on the shores of the numerous gulfs in the Tampabay area… that have no purpose other than just being.. Unconditionally..

I have done more than 10 silence programs in the last 10 yrs that I have been meditating.. But never has it happened this way.. I did not know that two and a half days of silence could bring forth such an explosion of words.. words which perhaps had been lying covered in dusty corners of my mind for lifetimes together, all wanting to spring forth and jump into the written form at once.. in all possible written forms.. poetry, prose, quips, quotes, dialogues, monologues, pictures, and sometimes as dreams..

All of a sudden I wish I existed in multiple realms, in multiple clouds, writing multiple journals and blogs at the same time. My head feels like an overcrowded train in the Indian city ofMumbai, where each compartment is bursting with ideas, and all waiting to detrain in their respective stations.. Only that my lifestyle at this point is not allowing adequate time in each station for the words to step out.. but more and more ideas are getting into the train instead.. oh what a mess ! all of a sudden life seems too short to express everything that I want to express.. the fingers are going numb typing, the ink is running out and the all the forests in the world are going to be in the threat of depletion if I choose to print out all that I am thinking !

And perhaps this was dormant in my genes. My mother is an avid writer of journals. She has been writing for years together, every day, burning the midnight oil, everything about the day that went by. perhaps if one digs into her journals, which I hope to do some day – apart from getting a glimpse into her heart and mind, one would get a glimpse into the politics, history and culture of her times, of countless recipes, or menus that she stirred up when people visited, of details on our report cards, details of expired passports and visas, travelogues of the places she visited, of the names of countless generations of cats in our house and dogs in the neighborhood, and of all things significant and insignificant..

And not only my mom, but also my grandmom and great grandmom, used to write.

And they encouraged me to write since I was in school. in fact I remember that in one of our trips I had written an illustrated travelogue. I sketched and painted landscapes and wrote about them.. many a times lying awake at night after hectic tours the day through. The train journeys we took, courtesy my father being in the railways, also gave both me and my mom ample time and opportunity to do that.

So it is indeed, a great passion that was there in my genes. it was lying dormant, and has now been sparked off again by a little genie.. of words.. to whom I am eternally thankful. And that, is one thing, at this point, that I am unable to express in words ! For gratitude is something that goes, beyond words… like love..

Love you Gurudev – for sending me the genie !

© Debjani Mitra at 24 June 2011

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