Song unsung

What can I write about

That no one has written before

Every topic seems so staid

Love, dejection, nature, objects

Every rhyme, every reason

Appears to be stale

Recycled and repeated

But there is a song in my heart

Which no one has heard before

Perhaps not even me

A song heard in silence

Only in nothingness

When everything else drops off

Into oblivion

I am seeking that song

And once I find it

It will be a song that no one will hear

Ever again

That song which cannot be put in words

Or notes

A song that cannot be sung

Or hummed

A song that cannot be recorded

It can only be captured

By another heart

Beating.. in the same frequency

A heart that is also waiting

To hear its song

That is unsung, unwritten

Hidden in the depth of the being

And once the song resonates

It will liberate us

Forever and ever

Never to return to this world again

This world of illusions

Where we wonder every moment

“is this for real”

Where sometimes we go too fast

And sometimes we want to slow down

When I find that song

I may not want to share it

For I do not wish to be judged

By my song

For I am

Beyond my song too

One and only

Eternal being..

© Debjani Mitra at 3 July 2011

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