Without you.. without me

Infinity at Key West, Florida

Like the river without the ocean

Like the flower without the bee

Like the day without the sun

I would be lost without thee, my lord

Like dusk without the sunset

Like waves without the sea

Like a rainbow without the sky

Without you, my life would have no beauty

Like a song unsung

A voice unheard

My life would have no meaning

If you had not touched me

Like clouds without rain

Storm without the winds

Grass without the earth

Where would I be

I would be lost

In words

In deeds

In images.. and in time

In parts I would seek the whole

In steps I would seek the goal

But with your love my lord

I have found my way

In the darkness

I have felt complete

In the void

To see that I am you

And you are me

And now I know

How I wasted those years

Without me

And for the rest of my life

My love may be put to test

And my life may be at stake

But I shall protect your abode my lord

Like a candle light from the storm

Savour your presence

In the depth of my being

For I am nothing at all

Without thee

And what would I be – without me ?

© Debjani Mitra at debjanimitra.wordpress.com


One thought on “Without you.. without me

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