My musings on the labyrinth called mind.. food.. life in general.. anything that I want to, and can be, expressed in words!

Infinity at Key West, Florida

Like the river without the ocean

Like the flower without the bee

Like the day without the sun

I would be lost without thee, my lord

Like dusk without the sunset

Like waves without the sea

Like a rainbow without the sky

Without you, my life would have no beauty

Like a song unsung

A voice unheard

My life would have no meaning

If you had not touched me

Like clouds without rain

Storm without the winds

Grass without the earth

Where would I be

I would be lost

In words

In deeds

In images.. and in time

In parts I would seek the whole

In steps I would seek the goal

But with your love my lord

I have found my way

In the darkness

I have felt complete

In the void

To see that I am you

And you are me

And now I know

How I wasted those years

Without me

And for the rest of my life

My love may be put to test

And my life may be at stake

But I shall protect your abode my lord

Like a candle light from the storm

Savour your presence

In the depth of my being

For I am nothing at all

Without thee

And what would I be – without me ?

© Debjani Mitra at

Comments on: "Without you.. without me" (1)

  1. Can you help me debjani i want to learn the art of living but i am having difficulty with the computer can someone contact me at 941-565-3078 so i can learn the art of living too.


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