I see you..

I see you in every flower.. in every tree

In every face that smiles at me.. and every face that hides a secret weapon to hurt me. How can I ever be angry?

Whatever comes my way is a gift from thee.. whether good, bad or ugly

How can I refuse a gift that my beloved has sent for me?

How can I hold against you the time I bled, because you were doing a surgery, to rid me of what could have killed me..

How can I blame you when you are actually saving me?

How can I not stand tall when you are holding me.. how can I fall off the cliff when you have given me the wings to be free..

How can I be scared of my own reflection that is staring back at me?

I can only sing and dance in joy, and be grateful for your love my Lord.

Thank you for this life with all its meanderings that take course like a river before it merges into the ocean in all its glory. I am grateful for this journey.

I am grateful for all the scenery that the river past by, witness to all the seasons, all the undulations that could not stop it from reaching where it wants to be.

(c) debjanimitra.wordpress.com

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